Holiday Funk & Blues Event
Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Mon, May 6 8:40 AM Alex review of Hold On by copperhead
You did some very fine magic with this
Mon, Apr 1 10:01 AM Alex review of Secret Things by Zep Hurme
Nice one Zep! Simple and delicate
Mon, Apr 1 9:59 AM Alex review of ccMixter Beat Charts April 2013 by musikpirat
Well, if it's so obvious, then it's time for a rehab... and I promise to quit! ;...
Thu, Mar 14 10:45 AM Alex review of Hack the Market by Hans Atom
Wow!!! This is really really good! Feels just great! Enjoyed it a lot Hans Than...
Thu, Mar 14 10:41 AM Alex review of Music Biz Today by Hans Atom
Very poppy and very good, Hans I love this pell too! Great work!!!
Mon, Dec 24 11:00 PM Alex review of Yellow, Red & Blue by ScOmBer
Thanks for this Scomber!!! Love the lyrics And yea, did I tell you that I real...
Mon, Dec 3 3:39 AM Alex review of (Let's) Get UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! by CSoul
Yep, that was funnnnnnnn ;) Great rythmic groove, goes nicely with Forensic's p...
Wed, Nov 28 5:41 AM Alex review of Whats Inside by Steven M Bryant
You know already how much I like this song, but with each listen, it gets better...
Sat, Nov 24 9:31 AM Alex review of Venom - T.I.O. Remix ft. WolfFly, Airtone, Alex Beroza and RadioNowhere by coruscate
Souns very worm! And yea, I like it a lot too Thanks for sampling!!!
Mon, Nov 5 4:23 AM Alex review of I Want to Love You by CSoul
Very nice live feel Very nicely done!!!
Mon, Nov 5 3:42 AM Alex review of Subway All ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
I just love it man
Mon, Nov 5 3:41 AM Alex review of I'm Feeling You by Zep Hurme
You rocked it out Zep and gave me an idea... ;)
Mon, Nov 5 3:36 AM Alex review of Seven(New Music Remix) by bwatts
I like it Thanks for the remix!!!
Mon, Nov 5 3:33 AM Alex review of Haters by Adrian Rowe
Really like the changes you've made, and your additions are just right It has a...
Tue, Oct 16 11:23 PM Alex review of Embrace The Taste (Rap) by Donnie Ozone
You did a very fine job, Donnie! I'm very happy with our colab! Thanks again!