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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Mon, Jul 22 11:45 AM Alex review of Closer Now (Mad Summer Nights Remix) by Donnie Ozone
Top notch dance track Donnie
Mon, Jul 22 11:44 AM Alex review of Recall by Kara Square
It's very very beautifull, Kara!!!
Mon, Jul 22 11:41 AM Alex review of TGIF (Scomber Live at the Sydney Opera House) by copperhead
Love your version of this Greg!!! Great
Mon, Jul 22 11:36 AM Alex review of Memory of Paradise (Honeymoon Overture) by Snowflake
Musically, lyrically and technically perfect
Sun, Jul 21 2:07 PM Alex review of Porn Machine by Hans Atom
This is freaking great, Hans Just love it!!!
Sun, Jul 21 2:05 PM Alex review of Moonlight by TheDICE
So we were remixing each other I see ;) Very glad it was you in both cases!!! T...
Tue, Jul 9 9:13 AM Alex review of ccMixter Pop/Rock Charts July 2013 by musikpirat
Always nice to be in! Thanks
Fri, Jul 5 9:25 AM Alex review of ccMixter Beat Charts July 2013 by musikpirat
Thanks for the inclusion
Sat, Jun 29 10:15 AM Alex review of American Dream by Scomber
You did it again... ;) Beautiful song Scomber A very big thanks for another re...
Thu, Jun 27 10:37 PM Alex review of When She Sings by Steven M Bryant
Glad I found this! Great song Steve
Thu, Jun 13 10:08 AM Alex review of No Harm (Thursday Morning Mix) by Kaer Trouz by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
It needed a bassline! I really like your bass sound. Sounds deep and full! Tha...
Sun, Jun 9 12:55 PM Alex review of Five Minutes to Midnight by Scomber
As the 80's teenager I'm completely in Very nice one! Any chance for the pell?...
Wed, May 22 10:09 PM Alex review of Might is Right by Robert Warrington
Hi Robert. Really love the lyrics . And the whole thing feels just right to me! ...
Mon, May 6 8:40 AM Alex review of Hold On by copperhead
You did some very fine magic with this
Mon, Apr 1 10:01 AM Alex review of Secret Things by Zep Hurme
Nice one Zep! Simple and delicate