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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Sun, Nov 23 8:41 AM Alex review of Fine Print (ouch interpretation) by Hans Atom
This is such a great mix and on so many levels!!! Exellent work Hans Just fanta...
Tue, Nov 18 11:06 PM Alex review of Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker by Platinum Butterfly
Fantastic work on this Frank!! Great mix of the elements and the vocal treatment...
Tue, Nov 18 10:57 PM Alex review of Unmasked by ScOmBer
Super groovy Very nice one! Funny, but it seems like we've made a couple of sa...
Sun, Nov 16 6:14 AM Alex review of One Sound by Snowflake
I am the lucky one I guess ;) A brand new song from you is always a gift, and w...
Tue, Oct 21 10:55 PM Alex review of Your Mask by Snowflake
Wow! This should be at the top of the charts! Fantastic work all around
Fri, Oct 17 10:20 AM Alex review of Jamming with C'Lasswell by Loveshadow
Sounds like what Mr. Vai would have done, but on the guitar(hope you don't mind ...
Mon, Sep 29 11:32 AM Alex review of Like A What? by Scott Altham
Glad you're back Scott! Fantastic mix and a great production as usual! Very nice...
Sat, Aug 9 11:49 PM Alex review of Home Alone by Shelflife
Love the backing track Thanks for the inclusion!
Fri, Jul 11 1:14 AM Alex review of Re Re Re by Patronski
Wow! Nicely done! Like the lyrics Big thanks for the RE-mix!
Sat, Jun 7 10:47 AM Alex review of A Foolish Game by Snowflake
Beautiful! Perfect as is! Just perfect
Thu, Jun 5 11:08 AM Alex review of Emergence of the Hippity by Danielandchips
I really like, no, I really love what you did here! Love the space and the pitch...
Sun, Mar 23 11:58 AM Alex review of Sailboat by Blake
Love what you did here Blake! Still can't get the melody out of my head ;) Great...
Sun, Mar 23 10:48 AM Alex review of On 2 You by Alex ft. Faye Charles by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Now I wish all my mixes were bassless ;) Thanks for another great bass line
Wed, Mar 19 12:37 PM Alex review of Sailboat by Snowflake
Great Was just wondering which track was the source of inspiration... :)
Sat, Feb 15 10:18 AM Alex review of If You Wait by Alex ft. Loveshadow by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Thanks for the remix Martijn! Sounds very cool