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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Tue, Jan 17 7:48 AM Alex review of Life is A Journey (Trance Mix) by CSoul
Nice vocal work, and a great sound flow! Everything works just beautifully toget...
Sun, Jan 15 9:37 PM Alex review of Qoph by onlymeith
Very beautiful!!! And it sounds amazing
Wed, Jan 11 6:04 AM Alex review of Could Be Worse by METALEX by CSoul
I really like that middle part the most... rocks hard! And I see you almost cou...
Fri, Jan 6 11:10 PM Alex review of I Feel Like Dancing by Steven M Bryant
This is super cool Steve!!! Great music, great vocals, great production
Mon, Jan 2 6:01 AM Alex review of Selkie's Daughter by Zep Hurme
It's gorgeous Zep! I can't believe it's not ed-picked yet...
Sun, Jan 1 6:41 AM Alex review of Loaded with Vitriol by CSoul
Very nice rework, and great additions Really Rocks!!! Happy new year my friend!
Sun, Jan 1 6:26 AM Alex review of Loaded with Vitriol by SackJo22
This is sooo good Happy new year Susan!
Sat, Dec 31 2:15 PM Alex review of I'm Here To Rock You by Steven M Bryant
Man those harmonies are so good!!!Really glad to be a part of it! And don't bla...
Fri, Dec 30 11:29 PM Alex review of Launching into 2012 by Snowflake
You've made an entirely new and a very special song of it, which I like very ver...
Wed, Dec 28 10:55 AM Alex review of Love Came To Mind by Steven M Bryant
I know I shouldn't be surprised, and yet, each time you upload a new song I am s...
Mon, Dec 26 7:30 AM Alex review of I am at Long Sharp Way by CSoul
I like it very much
Sat, Dec 24 5:38 AM Alex review of Go On by unreal_dm
Feels really great
Sat, Dec 24 5:31 AM Alex review of You're My Beautiful by CSoul
It feels really very good! Very nice trippy sounds and another great mix from y...
Sat, Dec 24 4:42 AM Alex review of Can't Afford Another Christmas by Steven M Bryant
I would by the album too ;) Great song
Fri, Dec 23 11:31 PM Alex review of This Cage by copperhead
Great job!!! Love the drumming and it sounds really good