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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Sun, Feb 19 9:46 AM Alex review of Love Came To Mind by CSoul
You never disappoint with your creativity my friend! Beautifully done here And...
Sun, Feb 19 9:39 AM Alex review of Where Did The Love Go (dubmetal mix) by Platinum Butterfly
Great idea! Glad you found use of those samples!!! And what about the mix, wel...
Sun, Feb 19 9:35 AM Alex review of Beautiful Music by debbizo
Many thanks for doing it Deb! To me this one is the most appropriate as a secre...
Wed, Feb 1 6:41 AM Alex review of What you gonna do | ft. Snowflake by TheDICE
Fantastic track! Great arrangement and it sounds very full and rocking! Great...
Wed, Feb 1 6:35 AM Alex review of 7th Dimension IV-3 by CSoul
This time I don't have a favorite... I just like them all!!!! And it's always a ...
Sun, Jan 22 10:24 PM Alex review of Flyer by Snowflake
This was a nice surprise! And I have to say, I love this brand new song! And tha...
Sun, Jan 22 8:57 AM Alex review of 7th Dimension II-2 by CSoul
The dimension became groovier! Very very nice
Sun, Jan 22 8:52 AM Alex review of Never be the same by Platinum Butterfly
You really know how to do it! Very nicely done
Sun, Jan 22 8:50 AM Alex review of Don Quixote by Rewob
Sure you’ve done it justice! It's beautiful!!!!
Sat, Jan 21 2:39 AM Alex review of 7th Dimension I-3 by CSoul
Just had a listen to all 3 of them. And I liked the trip Very curious about wha...
Sat, Jan 21 12:28 AM Alex review of Slow motion Movie | ft. Panu by TheDICE
Very nice and very clean mix! Great instrumentation D Can I say something, but...
Sat, Jan 21 12:11 AM Alex review of Forensic - What it takes to be me - DjiZ rmx by Kwame
Very nice little melody! I like the contrast Nice to see you back in action, m...
Sat, Jan 21 12:07 AM Alex review of Modern Trucker by Steven M Bryant
This is a real fun song man! Wow! Brilliant lyrics
Tue, Jan 17 7:48 AM Alex review of Life is A Journey (Trance Mix) by CSoul
Nice vocal work, and a great sound flow! Everything works just beautifully toget...
Sun, Jan 15 9:37 PM Alex review of Qoph by onlymeith
Very beautiful!!! And it sounds amazing