Secretly Mixing! Snow & Sleet

Reviews left by 7OOP3D

Sun, Nov 18 7:52 AM 7OOP3D review of R37OOP3D by septahelix
That's a great tune, we luv it! Nice sample treatment, to the point. Chapeau!
Mon, Nov 5 1:51 AM 7OOP3D review of How to Hypertron 240 by Apoxode
Yeah! You'll find us grinning while listening. This one is cool.
Sun, Jul 8 1:49 PM 7OOP3D review of deflection by airtone
Yeah! Nice one. Exquisit arrangement, and as everybody spoke out: polished into ...
Sun, Jul 8 1:28 AM 7OOP3D review of The Shifting Sun Experiment by Aussens@iter
Great track! Polished in every aspect. Cool guitar movements. Stems please.
Thu, Apr 12 3:03 PM 7OOP3D review of Close My Eyes and See by Rewob
Wow, awesome! This is simply stunning. Very, very intense one. Please, share th...
Tue, Mar 20 4:21 AM 7OOP3D review of Running by Snowflake
Awesome. Grooves as hell. As usual outstanding lyrics delivered in an incomparab...
Mon, Mar 12 2:40 AM 7OOP3D review of Midnight Temple (featuring 7OOP3D) by Beluga Ten
Wow, sweet and gentle. Title matches the mood absolute perfectly! And no offens...
Sun, Apr 23 6:32 AM 7OOP3D review of nouvel amour remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Surprising interpretation... Sounds very different by adding the acoustic elemen...
Wed, Jan 28 3:21 PM 7OOP3D review of Blabetté de Metz - Psy-Jazz Mix by keytronic
Yeah! This one works.
Sun, Nov 16 5:01 AM 7OOP3D review of Trilogy 3. Skynet by Loveshadow
Thanks for the pleasant trip. You pretty nailed it! Chapeau.
Sun, Nov 16 4:33 AM 7OOP3D review of Gaslighting by State Shirt
Well... a cool retro 80s feeling is comming up here. Ethan, this is an awesome ...
Wed, Nov 12 2:16 AM 7OOP3D review of Triggernometry by Hans Atom
Bam! Brilliant job.
Sun, Feb 17 9:43 AM 7OOP3D review of Alm by gurdonark
You definitively had a concept at hand and we are happy that our material suited...
Wed, Dec 19 9:23 AM 7OOP3D review of 9+1 years of Creative Commons by musikpirat
Thank you for including us with that track. We're honoured to be in the circle o...
Wed, Oct 10 12:34 PM 7OOP3D review of No Forever by duckett
A smooth and great one! Stems please ;-)