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Night Rain in April

uploaded: Sat, Apr 1, 2006 @ 1:21 AM
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Sample attribution:
Many thanks to Ms. Catherine Clover, who provided permission to use each of the following samples:
“Happy Valley Dawn Chorus, Hong Kong”
“Cicada, northern Melbourne suburb, Australia”
“Cicadas, Chiang Mai, Thailand”
“Passing train, Clapham Junction”
Ms. Clover kindly posted these field recordings on her site www.ciclover.com CC ATT—NC.

Thanks are once again in order for Mr. Peter Koniuto, who gave me permission to sample “Past Andromeda”, his release at http://www.statisfield.com and who has also provided encouraging words.

Mr. J.K. Banks dedicated to the public domain his piece “Opus Sinister in G Minor”, from which my www.disfish.com release “Variations on Opus Sinister”, sampled liberally here, is drawn. Thanks to the Mutopiaproject.org, which creates a safe haven for MIDI compositions, both old and new, for the aspiring MIDI mixter.

I sampled from an earlier remix of mine, “Snow Geese at Hagerman Park”, and give here attribution to those artists listed under the entry for that song.

Many thanks to ccmixter player Zikweb, who is the initial inspiration for this mix, and whose http://www.zikweb.org features incredible ambient, chill, techno, and cross-genre work, all fascinating, all in the Creative Commons, and all available for download or easy radio button stream.

I became interested in doing a field recording based work after reviewing a field recording by the ambient artist Mystified for http://www.ambientreview.com

Indirect thanks to MelissaK and Diane Jessurun, whose fascinating a capellas captured my attention, have me deep in thought, but ultimately have me remixing Zikweb, a kindred spirit, as I am not yet worthy of soul and poetry, but earnestly trying to ascend in a future mix.

"Night Rain in April"
by gurdonark

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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Calming crickets, morphing background chords, all woven into an ambient tapestry that both stimulates the imagination and calms the soul. Gurdonark shows that remixing isn’t all about getting your groove on.