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How I Did It

If You Can't
by Aamu
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Fri, Dec 29, 2006 @ 3:40 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Cakewalk Sonar this time, 7 instances of Synth1 building up the gloomy soundscape, although the lead as well as the rhytmic pad in the end are Crystal softsynth.


The piece has existed for over a year now, just found a perfect vocals for it.

Original idea was as a guitar riff (introduced at 0:48) that was "too much stoner rock" to be used with the band I played that time. I kept building stuff around it, tweaking the riff into very different variations, and picking up the best versions.

Other Notes

As the bg was originally composed around nov-2005, the solo (2:47-3:11) gives myself a very deep feel of the other synth solos created at the same time period, like in "The Cuckoo (into your spine version)" or "I Waited Here (Boiling Mushrooms Mix)". Those two mixes are great favourites of mine from my own work, as with them I felt I made them sound the way I heard them in my head. I have a very similar feel to this track, although I know I will be forced to create the stoner rock version some day.