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The River

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This is an older song of mine that I pulled off the shelf last year and re-did as a simple piano/vocal rendition. I wrote it for my older brother who was in what he saw as a very hopeless situation – he saw absolutely no way out. I wanted to validate him and share his load, but also somehow give him hope without just glossing over his problems etc.

The River
Words & Music by Michael Webb

You stand at the edge of the river
Of all of your dreams and desires
And you’re looking upstream
But your heart’s drifting downstream
And you want to run and save it
But you’re just too tired

Nobody’s walked in your footsteps
Or looked at the world from your shore
So they offer assistance
Safe, from a distance
But all of their good intentions
Only go so far

And you’ve had enough of this madness
So you’ll take a rest on the shore
‘Cause there just aren’t any answers
And really, what are the chances
Of turning this river from it’s course?

You’re right in the thick of the story
But not even you know the end
And if you draw your conclusions
From this well of illusion
You’ll miss all that He has waiting
Just around the bend

Repeat Chorus

If you’re tired of being swept away
You can’t find the safety of still waters
If there are questions you need answers for
You know this story has an Author
He is the maker of the river
He is the master of the water
With power to deliver

It’s a heavy cross but
He’ll bear the weight of your madness
And He’ll give you rest, that’s for sure
But if He’s not your answer
Then really, what are the chances
Of turning this river form its course?

"The River"
by wilburson

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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