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FeaturingDe Leve, ElRon XChile, BigBonobo, Platinum Butterfly, unreal_dm, Alex Beroza, SmoJos, Grapes, djolliej, morgantj, Doru Malaia
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Fusing club beats with South Texas boogie guitar, Brazilian voices and funky fills

Genesis of the song

We like remixing DeLeve vocal tracks. While we don’t converse in Portuguese, we enjoy the flow. When we noticed Estalactite was uploaded, we put it in the remix victim queue.

Reading a magazine article recently about making beats, the author wrote about layering sounds to build your own drum hits. Not a new concept on ccmixter remixes, but decided to make a beat for Estalactite by layering samples from ccmixter and our studio sound library.

-Kick layers: Platinum Butterfly, Bigbonobo_Combo, MusicTech Magazine Club Beat
-Snare layers : SmoJos, Grapes, R&B Backline
-Hihat layers: Alex Beroza, djolliej

Using the new drum hits, created a simple 4/4 beat to accompany Estalactite. Next a bass was needed. Experimented unsuccessfully with dub step wobble bass and settled into a simple octave jump bass in E with some of bars of A and B notes as needed. Decided to stay with the layered sound theme and stacked 5 synths to make a midi driven bass line.

-Bass synth layers: Sytrus (Acid 2), Hamor (Flying Cobra), Hamor (Face eater), SimSynth (BassMoog), Harmor (Analog Bass 1)

Now the song was taking shape. Decided some clavinet would be fun. It was time to power up the CHEESE, an inexpensive Yamaha PSR-530, with a useful funky wah wah clavinet sound, that had not been powered on in 11 years. The CHEESE powered up like a cheesy champ and some funky clavinet riffs were recorded.

Next some embellishments were needed. Slap bass fills, morgantj’s dog bark and Doru Malaia’s power hits were added. Horns were added for rhythmic color.

At this point, ElRon recorded South Texas boogie guitar. A re-amped unreal_dm R&B guitar riff was used twice in line with the verse. A harmony guitar riff was created by duplicating then pitching up the first five notes of unreal_dm’s riff.

The Portuguese lyrics to Estalactite are currently posted with DeLeve’s video

by texasradiofish

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