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My Heart (Eve Is Glitched Out)

uploaded: Sat, Jun 6, 2020 @ 3:55 AM
FeaturingSackJo22, Martijn de Boer
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How it happened:
SackJo22 recently wrote this in a review, “It’s comforting to be part of your musical world, eve is glitched out.” which I took to be typo for “even if it is glitched out”. This gave me an idea for a mix. I would create a simple four track mix of SackJo22 (as Eve) vocals then ‘glitch out’ each individual track and replace the original with the glitch.
In the end that’s not what I did. I liked the first simple four track vocal mix well enough to let it stand as is. That’s the first two minutes of this final mix. Then I wondered what it would sound like with some simple jazz drums (EZDrummer). That’s the third minute, along with one more vocal track. So at three minutes I thought, perfect, let it stand. Then a few days later I wondered what would have happened if I did do the glitch thing. That’s the last minute and a half but I didn’t go all out, I only did two glitch tracks and used them sparingly, along with some Martijn de Boer bass.

So… thanks to SackJo22 for the vocals and the inspiring typo and to Martijn de Boer for the cool upright bass.

"My Heart (Eve Is Glitched Out)"
by Speck

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