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Indulgent Experimental

uploaded: Wed, Feb 8, 2012 @ 4:44 AM last modified: Wed, Feb 8, 2012 @ 4:48 AM  (add)
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Inspired (all in good fun) by this forum thread in which four out of five ed pickers profess their love of “unholy messes”.

I googled ‘cheap sampling keyboard’ and realized I already had ‘the world’s cheapest’ in my arsenal. The Realistic Concertmate 500, which is the Radioshack branding of the Casio sk1, made in 1985. I think I remember reading that it cost $300 back then. Mine cost $3 (at a yard sale). Of course now I want a Microkorg XL.

I recorded about fifty minutes of nonsense on it, then cut loops from that and sequenced at will. Then this morning I heard Gurdonark’s Sensitive and thought maybe the source he used, Ondrej Rosik’s love is over would ameliorate my mess. Sure enough, not bad, or at least if bad the good kind of bad (?).

Ondrej Rosik - beats, piano, strings
Speck - voice and whatever was within reach of my chair

Contents of ZIP Archive: Casio sampler

  • /sampler 03a.wav (1.15MB)
  • /sampler 04a.wav (1.04MB)
  • /sampler 05a.wav (1.18MB)
  • /sampler 07a.wav (2.03MB)
  • /sampler 08a.wav (2.13MB)
  • /sampler 09a start.wav (1.71MB)
  • /sampler 10a.wav (1.76MB)
  • /sampler 13a.wav (1.88MB)
  • /sampler 15a.wav (1.57MB)
  • /sampler 16a start.wav (1.81MB)
  • /sampler 19a.wav (1.24MB)
  • /sampler 20a.wav (2.62MB)
  • /sampler 23 bass.wav (1,008.04KB)
  • /sampler 24a.wav (1.50MB)
  • /sampler 25a start.wav (3.35MB)
  • /sampler 26a.wav (2.40MB)
  • /sampler 27a.wav (1.29MB)
  • /sampler 28a.wav (2.67MB)
  • /sampler 29a.wav (1.96MB)
  • /sampler 30a.wav (2.37MB)
  • /sampler 34a start voc bass.wav (2.53MB)
  • /sampler 38a.wav (5.27MB)
  • /sampler 39a pretty.wav (1.01MB)
  • /sampler 40a cute.wav (1.01MB)
  • /sampler 45a.wav (1.37MB)
  • /sampler 48a.wav (1.27MB)
  • /sampler 49a.wav (2.60MB)
  • /sampler 54a.wav (1.38MB)
  • /sampler 57a.wav (814.24KB)
  • /sampler 61a.wav (957.75KB)
  • /sampler 62a.wav (890.57KB)

"Indulgent Experimental"
by Speck

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