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Find new friends...

uploaded: Mon, Aug 29, 2005 @ 4:30 AM
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I have idea to find people in this community, which wants to make music together.
Basicly one possibility is exchange sounds via ftp (audio samples, presets, banks) and making tracks separetelly with your own and exchanged/shared sounds with other peoples.
Find people with opened minds and what doesn’t have fear about their creation as I am I think.
When do you have some good treks, you want to listen feedback, you find other listeners for it, so why don’t make trek together, try it and make next sense to this generation. exchange samples between peoples and make some psytrance.. any1 has good own samples, any1 has good inspiration, how to arranged your tunes in trek/s/.. any1 has both.. just can know more, learn more, find friends..
Informations about me-spacer: Im from Prague, Im 26. I have daughter Kiki and GF called Gabca (Shakti).
I have child 10 month old girl named Kristyna and works for keep alive family. I don’t have many time for composing as years ago, but still I want to make it.
To exchanged sounds send me email and you will receive account for free open community exchanged sounds, making tracks together, … :
Do you have good inspirations, good sounds, god tracks? :) Can you share your experience with others? Send me mail on

Here is the link for free exchange (24bit,WAV,44100Hz) -

For more information send me mail (free account to exchange sounds)

:: :Peace:Love:Live: ::
lets make psytrance together

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"Find new friends..."
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