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Secret Things

uploaded: Sat, Feb 16, 2013 @ 8:56 PM
FeaturingIvan Chew, spinningmerkaba
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Link to pell :)

I drew Ivan Chew — what an incredible library he has. I incorporated a few of his tracks that hadn’t been remixed into his instrumental track All Alone — once I heard it I knew it would become a new song all our own. I cut it up, arranged it differently and Ivan kindly sent me the drum stems so I could cut and fit them in too.

A very special thanks to spinningmerkaba for playing beautiful acoustic guitar tracks I edited and added throughout.

I’ll bounce the pell and backvox soon!

To be or not to be (that is still the question)….and this is my third song on ccMixter that incorporates those famous lyrics by Shakespeare. I guess I need to pay attention to that? ;)

Secret Things

Sowing seeds and secret things
The change I wish to see,
To be (or not) to be

Plant it deep down
Bury seeds in fertile ground
Embryo soon surging
Plant it deep down
Darkness close and warm surround this
New life emerging

Secret things sweet and green
Secret things safely loved by me

Oh what dreams may come
For the young Souls born from this world of One

Plant it deep down
Softly sleeping in the ground
Little cosmos hibernating
Pushing, breaking through the ground
Another perfect circle comes around

Secret things sweet and green
Secret things safely loved by me

Do you dare to bear
The whips and scorns of time
Yes, savor breath inside this moment
I and I

Secret things sweet and green
Secret things safely loved by me
Safely loved by me
Safely loved to be or not to be
Loved (secret things)

"Secret Things"
by Snowflake

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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Editorial pick

If you enjoy remixes that sound like they were written from scratch, then look no further than Snowflake’s remix of Ivan Chew’s Secret Things. Beautifully sung and produced by Snowflake, Spinningmerkaba playing some fine acoustic guitar,
Ivan Chew on vocals and numerous instruments.
My forth listen.