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Just Another Day

uploaded: Mon, Jun 19, 2006 @ 10:08 PM
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This entire song was inspired by the one sound effect sample I used…the Bed Time sample. Everything else just kind of came together and slowly it morphed into this. The various sound effects in the beginning of the song were done using a vst instrument called ‘field’. The lyrics and singing were done by yours truly. I don’t have the world’s best singing voice, so I finally took the time to really get to know my vocoder…I think I got some pretty nice results. Kind of an introspective song. Here are the lyrics:

Just Another Day - shockshadow
I saw her counting pebbles
singing in the rain.
She never even heard me
when I asked her for her name.
She sat there staring blankly
with the music in her head,
oblivious to her surroundings,
seeing polka dots instead.
I threw some change beside her
and she turned her face to say
“You need not worry for me,
you’re the one with bills to pay.”

I’m tired of forgetting
all the faces that remain.
The friends I hardly talk to,
they’re the ones that stay the same.
With digilence I press on
through the happiness and pain,
convinced of my delusions,
avoiding penitence and fame.
It’s not enough to worry.
I’ve got to make a change.
I’ve got to make a difference
before I reach that deathly age.

"Just Another Day"
by shockshadow

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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Editorial pick

Wow, now this is a chill track.
calm, emotional, yet happy.
shock appears on the mic this time with beautiful vocoder work. another reason shockshadow is a mixter favorite