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uploaded: Sun, Jul 17, 2005 @ 3:20 AM
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ok, i’m drunk, so please forgive the length of the sequences….that IS where trance got it’s name you know…lol. anywayz, i got drunk, i got creative, and here’s the result…i hope y’all like it. it was made using Sony MDR-series headphones, so you might try equivalent quality headphones to get the full ‘experience’…the song was heavily compressed due to bass levels, so be warned. i take no responsibility for blown amps/woofers/windows….(thanks to Mike Custodi for his RedFishBlueFish Absynth presets…used two of them. (also please forgive the notorious mp3 ‘warble’….i had to use lower bitrate in order to make the song under 10mb…the .wav version i have doesn’t have that…

by shockshadow

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