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More Time (Muziker Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 9, 2009 @ 6:18 PM last modified: Sun, Aug 9, 2009 @ 6:28 PM  (add)
byCalling Sister Midnight
FeaturingJürgen Herrmann, Raymond Blanchet
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The mix up front is actually engineered by Jürgen Herrmann, with his haunting bass clarinet and sax lead featured. Also featured on the upright bass is Raymond Blanchet.

I have uploaded the vocal+nylon string guitar sample, the bass sample, plus I uploaded what I call the “backdoor mix,” the original mix I sent to Jürgen, which he then used used to make the Muziker Mix.

Until Jürgen can upload his clarinet samples, I have this temporarily linked to “Shoes,” of which this mix does not actually use any samples from. Once they are uploaded, I’ll make sure the correct attribution has been made.

More Time*

This time around, the first day I saw you
I said, “here we go again.”
I seem to remember our last time together,
a hiccup in the master plan.
Well, baby don’t sweat it
you’ll just have to get it
I think we’ve been lovers before
we’ll take full measure
When we take our pleasure
and finally settle the score.

Can you ever set me free - your love’s so good for me — every lifetime it’s sublime when you give me more time — one more time

See, I have this notion
we swam in the ocean
And grabbed a few laps in the deep
Now you’re swimming right by me
I just can deny the desire
I wrangle and weep
I want so to kiss you
But how can I miss you?
Each lifetime you’re looking my way
This love will transpire
No caves of denial
Or is that just part of the play?

Will you never set me free? your love’s no good for me — All the lifetimes we unwind when you give me more time — one more time.

Now, baby, don’t fret it
I’ve never regretted
The times I’ve been with you before.
It’s just that these lifetimes
These love, hate and war crimes
Burn up more than we can afford.
Each time heavy weather
Has thrown us together
our reasoning flies out the door
Each time we can measure
disaster or treasure —
Let’s roll the dice this once more.

Don’t you ever set me free — your love’s so good for me — Through the lifetimes — we’re refined when you give me more time — one more time — more time — yeah.


*I wrote this tune in an effort to avoid ever to have to sing Peggy Lee’s “Fever.”

** I’m not sure, but I think sound at the beginning and end are the sound of one shoe, then the other, dropping (at least metaphorically).

"More Time (Muziker Mix)"
by Calling Sister Midnight

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