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Our Lives Are Changing Sample Library

uploaded: Mon, Jan 3, 2005 @ 3:58 PM
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Samples used to create the Opsound.org collaboration “Our Lives Are Changing”. Full original tracks can be accessed through external sources. This piece of music has now seen at least 4 versions through online collaborations - hopefully there will be more….

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop3.mp3 (69.51kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop4.mp3 (69.93kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop5.mp3 (69.93kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop6.mp3 (69.09kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop7.mp3 (70.34kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop8.mp3 (69.09kb)
  • /corabeth_rjmarshall_cello.mp3 (1.07MB)
  • /rjmarshall_leadstrings1.mp3 (369.60kb)
  • /rjmarshall_leadstrings2.mp3 (474.09kb)
  • /rjmarshall_piano1.mp3 (70.34kb)
  • /rjmarshall_pianobreak.mp3 (70.34kb)
  • /rjmarshall_pianochorus.mp3 (70.34kb)
  • /rjmarshall_synth.mp3 (935.10kb)
  • /sembesta_jajalied_beat2_111.mp3 (35.65kb)
  • /sembesta_jajalied_beat_111.mp3 (70.34kb)
  • /yosuke_hayashi_drunk_as_an_owl.mp3 (135.96kb)
  • /chrisdooks_sonny1.mp3 (30.22kb)
  • /chrisdooks_sonny2.mp3 (27.71kb)
  • /chrisdooks_sonny3.mp3 (19.35kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_finalchord.mp3 (151.85kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop1.mp3 (70.34kb)
  • /colinmutchler_mylife_guitarloop2.mp3 (134.29kb)

"Our Lives Are Changing Sample Library"
by rjmarshall

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Sampling Plus

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