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uploaded: Fri, Sep 23, 2011 @ 11:02 AM last modified: Fri, Sep 23, 2011 @ 12:18 PM  (del)
byKara Square
FeaturingCSoul, trivient
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A huge thank you goes out to CSoul for his inspiring remix of trivient. Without that there wouldn’t be this. Speaking of this, I cut up CSoul and trivient’s stems for this piece and the changes are all lined up in the zips. You can grab the vocal stems here (they also all line up). I’m hoping that someone can take this to the next level. The vocals only have some slight reverb… I can hear a whole bunch of possibilities, but don’t have the… patience to do them right now. Maybe someone out there somewhere will?

*I won’t be offended if you wanna bleep out or remove the “bad word” in this.

Spinning in a spiral that comes to an end
The way war ends for most is death
We perpetuate this violence
Electing leaders with blood on their hands
While we the people live in disconnected fear
Too afraid to speak, too afraid they’ll hear

Spinning in a spiral that comes to an end
Disregarding the signs from our environment
Ignoring warnings from our scientists
Electing leaders owned by corporations
Who continue to discount environmental degradation
To make a fucking buck

Spinning in a spiral that comes to an end
We the people are our only chance
To end this cycle, change within
Find compassion for all living beings

Rise up, rise above
Evolve through peace
Evolve with love

Turn the end into the beginning.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Mids and Highs

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  • /Mids-Highs/hiORGANstrings.wav (20.51MB)
  • /Mids-Highs/piano.wav (20.51MB)
  • /Mids-Highs/synths.wav (20.51MB)
  • /Mids-Highs/whistle.wav (20.51MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Beats and Low End

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  • /Beats-Low_End/BEAT.wav (20.51MB)
  • /Beats-Low_End/drums.wav (20.51MB)
  • /Beats-Low_End/lowORGAN.wav (20.51MB)

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by Kara Square

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