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Fhantom Surfer (Abstract Audio Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Jul 3, 2011 @ 3:43 PM last modified: Tue, Jul 5, 2011 @ 9:14 AM  (add)
FeaturingAbstract Audio aka Citizen_XO
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Some say there’s a phantom surfer
Who only comes out in the dead of night
Under a full moon
When the south swell comes in
He’s ridin’ the biggest waves
Smilin’ the whole time
Better stay clear of ‘em
Watch ‘em from the shore….

I had Too much fun playing guitar on this one. Another alternate longboard mix is in the pipeline.

Thank you Abstract Audio for the inspiration and the great sample paks!


Contents of ZIP Archive: Altnerate File Format

  • /phantom_hauntingloop.wav (267.83KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop02.wav (267.83KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_octaveup.wav (253.37KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_octaveup_short.wav (31.72KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up01.wav (267.83KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up02.wav (267.83KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up02_short.wav (24.04KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up03.wav (253.05KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up03_short.wav (30.79KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up04.wav (249.61KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up04_short.wav (30.79KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up05.wav (250.54KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up05_1half.wav (241.37KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up05_1half_short.wav (30.79KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up05_short.wav (30.79KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up06.wav (236.99KB)
  • /phantom_hauntingloop_up06_short.wav (30.79KB)
  • /phantom_ocean.wav (5.86MB)
  • /phantomrules_beats.mp3 (6.63MB)
  • /phantomsurfer_abstractgitar_loop01.wav (268.53KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_abstractgitar_loop02.wav (270.08KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_beats.mp3 (4.95MB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody02_12stepsdown.wav (102.56KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody_01.wav (268.63KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody_03.wav (489.15KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody_03_12down.wav (494.71KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody_12stepsdown.wav (265.54KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody_12stepsdown_reversed.wav (269.65KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_melody_reversed.wav (268.63KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_punch_01.wav (66.96KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_punch_02.wav (32.43KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_punch_tahh.wav (66.11KB)
  • /phantomsurfer_punch_trippyahh.wav (538.20KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Altnerate File Format

  • /fhantom_bass.MP3 (11.14MB)
  • /fhantom_guitarclean.MP3 (12.32MB)
  • /fhantom_guitarcombo.MP3 (12.28MB)
  • /fhantom_guitardirty.MP3 (3.35MB)
  • /fhantom_guitar_tremolo.MP3 (1.51MB)
  • /fhantom_vocals.MP3 (6.22MB)

"Fhantom Surfer (Abstract Audio Mix)"
by spinningmerkaba

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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