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If Not Now, When?

uploaded: Mon, Dec 15, 2008 @ 8:28 AM
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But I ask myself, if not now, when?
Can’t find a pen I like
Paper’s crumpled
I’m feeling chilled though the sun is shining
And the weather feels more like spring than winter.

Many have been the times I have sat in this chair, and the others that preceded it,
Eager to state my case to the world,
And I said, “later.”

Well, time is running out,
Each moment that passes is gone,
If not now, when?

Whatever it is:
the good deed,
the kind word,
the needed pressing of the nose to the grindstone,
the hug,
the kiss,
the taking in of breath,
the seeking and indulging in of pleasure,
the working and crying through of pain,
It must be felt and done now,
Because we just don’t know what the next moment will bring.

Even as we move forward
So must we pause and take notice.
We shall never pass this way again.
If not now, when?

essesq - December 2008

"If Not Now, When?"
by essesq

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