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uploaded: Thu, Nov 9, 2006 @ 4:14 AM
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Just before the smoking ban here in Scotland came into force on March 26 2006 I sent an email of discontent to my entire contact list; it was entitled ‘Freudian Death Drive’.

This litany of disgust outlined my objections to the legislation because of the dangerous precedent it was setting, guiding the herd like masses into a blinkered nanny state.

Along with the tirade I sent an image put together in photoshop of a cigarette packet, I switched the health warning so it read :
Smoking severely reduces the risk of bird flu

I watched a program last night depicting the sweeping path of a flu pandemic mutated from bird flu, it is thought likely that the young and healthy will suffer worst as the virus causes the immune system to over-react leading to death.

My immune system is somewhat ailing due to my years of bad living.

All of this has very little to do with jellyfishBabies, I just thought I would share a little

billions will die

by duncan_beattie

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