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Take it In

uploaded: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 @ 9:52 PM
FeaturingJavolenus, Martijn de Boer
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My ideas exceed my skill.

In my dream, all those vocal parts would be sung by different voices. There would be a kicking, grooving, moving rhythm track, maybe some electric guitar… what else might go into the pot?

Thanks so much to Javolenus and Martijn for such great source material! Also thank you to cs272 over at for the cricket field recording.

vocals uploaded separately: background vox and poem.


Our mouths are full of words that we feel but are left unspoken
Your head is filled with spirits while the tiger’s mouth is open
Doves in the garden are nesting anew
You help me take it in
They come in pairs, the white butterflies dusted with blue
The hawk was there too
These are my ambassadors of transformation
There was peace in the garden today
You helped me take it in
You helped me take it in

This song was inspired by the iChing heagram — Nourishing (27) to Biting Through (21)

"Take it In"
by SackJo22

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