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Warm Arc of Company

uploaded: Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 1:34 PM
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We have an easy arc to follow
dancing between the pull
of stars in a perfect curve.
I love these
the rare few approaches
saving us countless hours.
We speed along to the next Eden
with little to do
but the occasionally tweak
or minor fix here and there.

The odd curves of space favor us
giving us time to live a little.
It is a rare time to mingle
with just enough work
to have an excuse
or just some time alone
now and again.

Even some of the madmen
opt for a turn or two awake
to play a few games
and strike a conversation or two.
I know that I always say
and say with conviction
that I hate the scientists.
But even I admit
that before they go too far
some of them are warm company.

It’s all a soft muddle
slow days
fast chats
short shifts
long games
and those of us that stare out
lost in the endless
and the quiet companionship.

Even during this bounty of free time
the ship consumes me
it’s not a small crew like other times
and for all the relaxation
it’s always busy busy busy.
May as well be busy and content
instead of spending precious minutes.
The sounds of our home
this ark among the heavens
fill my ears
and bring me peace.

I enjoy the friendships
offered in passing
the quiet conversations
and riotous singalongs
and silent stargazing
and hilarious card games.
But this vessel is my best friend
I understand her like no other
and she understands me.

Together we provide a safe haven
along the smooth arc to Eden
and together we are happy
comforted by the warm arc of company.

"Warm Arc of Company"
by PorchCat

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