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The Wrong Ends of Love

uploaded: Sun, Jun 15, 2008 @ 2:43 PM
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I have been trying for some time to build some songs on CC tracks but whilst i have got so far with a couple i have ended up getting stuck , wanting to change something musically and then thought well i could play all this so what am i doing.

But this little sound bed was open enough build a song so here it is.

I have uploaded the vox separately with dry and fx vox and the BVS .

All I have done here musically is add some drums.

The Wrong Ends of Love

Ad Libs

Girl I ain’t saying that it’s your fault
But there’s a lot you still don’t understand
‘Cause you say what you’re feeling for me is real
That we’re just a woman and man

But I know there’s so much between us
And between us there’s so many years
Sure I know you’re feeling me now
But it’s sure to end in tears

Cause when you get right down to it
We’re both at the wrong ends of love
Cause I’m standing here on the ground
And you’re in the sky above

And I won’t patronise your heart
But in time your gonna see that
It was nothing but a firestorm
In your sweet, young, sensibility

Guess the one thing that I showed you
Is how a real man should act and be
And I know you’re really feeling me now
But its time to set you free


So stop, and listen to me
When you look back in time
I know you will see
In your heart and your mind
A sweet memory
When the pain of this moment has faded away

Chorus Repeats.

Loveshadow 2008

"The Wrong Ends of Love"
by Loveshadow

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