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Fever (white magic remix)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 7, 2022 @ 7:08 AM
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today is august 07, 2022. i have already made a similar remix. but with this one, the sound is still a lot better. i made it a week ago. and since i am not an artist but google says musical artist, i am concerned with the sound and not the artistic level.

be that as it may. the beginning of the song is inspired by the musical effusions of susan, emily and kara with their binaural bell ringing.

actually this remix was meant for the ocean sound event. but by then it was already over.

if i think of anything else i will write it here.

today is monday, august 08, 2022. in northern mexico, hundreds of thousands of people are currently dependent on drinking water trucks because the water supply has collapsed. but that’s not the topic i want to address. i want to tell you a little bit about my life. in 1998, when this comet was so close to earth and you could see it with the naked eye, my aunts and my mother were communicating with a baba yaga. a bosnian muslim witch who predicts the future and puts evil curses into the world. i had broken up with a girlfriend at that time. and i was high on weed all the time. so i was on the phone with the witch and all of a sudden i started to feel weird and i only remember bits and pieces of what happened, but i remember that the witch sent an evil curse on me. there was talk of a camel that was pregnant and that you could reach into and that there was something inside. i don’t know any more. not even three years later i had a love madness on a former friend that lasted 12 years and the voice of a love goddess in my head. together with her virgins who wanted to send me to death 10 years ago when i went to fight against drug dealers in my hometown. i got through it alive. but still the intention of the virgins to kill was there. anyway. i think this construct love goddess and her virgins are a curse of this baby yaga witch.

what else is there to tell. i moved from frankfurt to offenbach in 1989 when i was 12 years old. i still remember lying in bed in our big apartment in the summer and hearing the children screaming outside while playing. and i wanted to be one of them. later i met a romanian who became my best friend at school. and today he has come out as a jew. at that time he was still an orthodox christian. be that as it may. from 1992 to 1997 our gang was the dominant one in the mathilden quarter in offenbach. but it was all quite harmless. we didn’t sell drugs and we didn’t fight. we played on the computer and made music on the computer. in 1994 i went to dance school in offenbach with my other best friend to learn standard dances, but really just to meet the most beautiful girls in town. that’s where i met my first girlfriend denise hartmann today denise reso the wife of america’s top wrestler christian cage. when it was over with her i got together with kerstin ricker the wife of the famous german tv host guido cantz. and i danced with the girl that has one of her houses across the street from my current apartment and that i stalked for 12 years in love madness. from 2001 to 2012.

in 2006 i moved from the mathilden quarter to my current apartment. that’s when the rise of a drug-selling rapper started who i never saw there when i lived there. he must have been a kid. anyway, he became famous all over germany with his hateful, violence-glorifying and woman-despising gangster rap in german and muslim. in the mathilden quarter at least nobody leaves the house without a knife anymore.

i remember that two years after my big fight against the drug dealers, i walked through the city like a wolf and saw house-wall-sized posters of the rapper from my former neighborhood, who made big with his tracks the ones i had humiliated so much two years before.

now my emotions have subsided and i don’t care about anything. the rap superstar is on the decline, my love mania for the woman with one of her houses across from my apartment is over.

i must mention that in 2016 i was cursed by a witch from ccmixter, whose name i won’t say but who surely knows, after i said stupid things to her in our emails. so bad that only the mediterranean washed it clean.

and now i have an idea. i know that on ccmixter countless witches do their nonsense. i want to say i have been fighting for 2 decades against the most impossible curses of pagan, jewish and muslim witches and witchers. i even had a visit from issa the prophet who didn’t die on the cross but had his best friend crucified on the cross. and who had a damn resemblance to jesus except for the scream that he didn’t die on the cross. shortly after the fight with the drug dealers.

what i want to say. i am alone, against countless of evil forces. so if anyone reads this. and i am sure that someone understands this: you can send me more curses or bless me and use your witches, wizards and magic power to make me invincible.

why? because i am already strong, because i told you a little bit about me and because you can listen to my music.

so white, red, black, brown or asian magicians. send what you can. and i might tell you what happens to me.

and if you want to do me harm, get in line.:)

my birthday is march 26th. the year of birth is 1977. how i look you can see from the pictures on the net. according to my new body scale i weigh 330 lbs. and according to the scale i have 193 lbs of muscle mass. the rest is fat i suppose. i am 5 foot nine tall.

i hope this is enough.:)

my birthtown is frankfurt am main germany.:)

it’s still wednesday august 10, 2022.
it’s noon central european time. i went to see my psychologist eva katrin. she thinks i’m in love with her. at least that’s how it seems to me. german women always build up a relationship right away. i have nothing going on with her. i just yak nonsense to her and that’s it.

on the way to and from her, i saw at least half a dozen good looking young women. the first one i met, an asian with her mother, looked sideways in love as i walked past her.

but nothing beats the queens of the quarter. the prost1tutes. yesterday i saw one. in the norma supermarket. she came in shortly after me. i went straight to the colas to the pringles and to the wine bottles. she just went to get rolls. she was brown haired and was a bit taller than me. she was wearing a blue jeans dress. and she didn’t look at me with her a$s cheek. i’m 5 feet 9.3 inches tall. she had what i thought were repulsive tattoos on her legs. i don’t like tattos. but she was a queen of the north end neighborhood. how do i know these women? i was a customer of quite a few of these queens of the neighborhood ten years ago.

the only thing i felt when my wine, cola and pringels were on the line and i was waiting for her to pay for her rolls was:

debela, nabildana sv1nja.

you fat, muscular p1g.

and then she was already gone. last night i thought to look for her in the relevant online places where the queens of the north end quarter offer their services to see in which house she is.

but i let it go.

anyway, what i just wrote is what i noticed since i wrote the call to the witches of ccmixter to bless me.

and now i think: if only i would write that i did a remix with my best friends, or that i went to a lgbtq+ party with my friends. or if only i would write i was in my garden meditating. or i was in my political circle of friends and we got terribly excited. or things like that.

no i can’t write because i don’t do those things.

what does all this have to do with my remix? i’m in a fever. lol

im drinking red wine with cola and im smoking a lot of cigarettes.

and right now im listening to:

north end girls by pet shop boys:)

"Fever (white magic remix)"
by Kristian

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