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Growing Older

uploaded: Fri, Jul 8, 2022 @ 1:55 AM last modified: Fri, Jul 8, 2022 @ 5:57 AM  (replace)
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last night i was sitting on my balcony thinking about how i spread fear and terror on my profiles on the musical social web sites. and then i thought, what if the water really does run dry? not just in italy, spain, portugal, india, western usa, but everywhere? then what?

and somehow i looked up at the sky and thought of god? is he angry? and then the thought came to me, if we all perish like mayflies, can there be a god? i apologize for these thoughts. but my first name is kristian and not elon or jeff. and i don’t give a sh!t about space.

anyway, then the thought came to me. i think i am alone. there is nothing and nobody who will save us.

then i heard a voice inside me: you are not alone.

but that was not jesus.

and again i sit between tree and bark: between a god who stays in the background and is not present and a goddess who has the moods of a female goddess. but she is the only one who comes forward from time to time. well, jesus has also appeared to me a few times.

in any case, i have no idea.

but it doesn’t look good for the world. apart from the oceans which is also a problem, but that you can fight with demonstrations, workshops, grass and free love.

while the rain that no longer falls just makes us look powerless at the sky.

i don’t know. i remixed this song this morning. and it feels stale despite the great sound.

the chords are from some hillsong united song (wasn’t there some scandal?)

"Growing Older"
by Kristian

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