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Smokey Mountain Robinson

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byDoghouse Riley
FeaturingThe Sisters of Soul
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Wail, pardon me for goin all big league on ya but ol Labcoat threw down the gauntlet and I was just stupid enough to pick it up so’s I could slap the sap out of him. His little tune…thing…whatever is, well, pitiful really but it has a certain somethin and ifn nothin else it did give me an idea. And while it don’t make much of a magnum opus it does make for a dandy intro. Don’t ya thank? And listen, I know Labcoat ain’t got the Sisters of Soul in his dang studio whenever he wants em. But thats as it should be. He’d probly be poon houndin em instead a lettin em sing anyways. Again, sorry to big league ya but it’s like my momma used to say, “ain’t nobody can top Doghouse, ceptin Doghouse”. Ain’t she swell?

"Smokey Mountain Robinson"
by Doghouse Riley

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