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Abstracts Master class part 1

uploaded: Sat, Feb 19, 2011 @ 9:21 AM
byAbstract Audio
FeaturingSackjo22, Alex Beroza, Magic moon, Snowflake, Anchor Mejans
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One of the things I allways wanted to do is doing the master of an album. In order to learn this process and improve my skills I’m going to remaster songs on ccM. It’s the perfect place for this as so many people upload the stems with there songs. The first challenge I choose was Come up for air by sackjo22.
There were 4 problems I wanted to fix: The compression on the first rhodes part. The stereo kick as I feld it draw the attention away from the vocals. The slightly overdriven vocals at the end. And give the overal volume a boost.

I’d like to hear any suggestions, tips or thoughts on what could be improved or what wend wrong. After all it’s a study so I need to know it in order to improve. You don’t have to be gentle ;)

Next week I’ll post a “How I did it” to explain my process.

For the future I’d like to choose at least a track per month. Feel free to ask if you have got a project you like me to work on.

"Abstracts Master class part 1"
by Abstract Audio

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