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Emergence 5

uploaded: Fri, Jan 3, 2014 @ 2:50 AM last modified: Sun, Mar 15, 2015 @ 5:19 AM  (del)
FeaturingSnowflake (Vocale)
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This is the fifth piece of the saga of the “Emergence”, this time, I change all the musical part, transforming the vocal part with an Ableton Sampler, I end this time and then find techno sounds more ambients.
Snowflake thank you for lending your voice, I turned and deformed excessively, I hope you will not be sorry;-)
Happy listening to all.

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Contents of ZIP Archive: CC Mixter Sample Emergenc

  • /groupe Basses.mp3 (4.58MB)
  • /groupe drum.mp3 (4.58MB)
  • /groupe FX.mp3 (4.58MB)
  • /groupe Line.mp3 (4.58MB)
  • /groupe LoopDrums.mp3 (4.58MB)
  • /groupe PADS.mp3 (4.58MB)
  • /groupe voix.mp3 (7.76MB)
  • /groupe voix2.mp3 (4.58MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocoder Emergence

  • /Vocoder.mp3 (4.59MB)

"Emergence 5"
by Bluemillenium

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