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Way Past Bedtime

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160 bpm Happy Hardcore.

Inspired by the work of Ilsa Gold — particularly the track, “Wat Soll Sein?”
Back in 1994, I was excited to find a lot of European techno through ZYX records, which is how I became aware of Ilsa Gold.

Stems included: drum line, phutura line, resonant bass.

VSTs used: Drumatic 4 by e-phonic and Phutura by Phuturetone.

The following sampled sounds are from

Dj In The House
by Mrshammi
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Dont Stop The Love
by mike0112
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The following sampled sounds are from

“Farts and Burps >> Burp!”
by Breviceps

“People >> Party then screams.wav”
by FreqMan

The following sampled sound is from the Internet Archive:

The Forgotten: A Look at the Lives Of Young Black Men
by Saint Paul Neighborhood Network
Creative Commons license: CC-BY-3.0
(starting at 41:32)

"Way Past Bedtime"
by Apoxode

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