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Be What You Are

uploaded: Sat, May 11, 2019 @ 10:49 PM last modified: Sat, May 11, 2019 @ 10:53 PM  (add)
FeaturingSilke Schiemann, Disaster of Music, musicbrain
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This track originates from March 2016. Started as a small test project, it lay dormant for the last three years. Until mid April this year…

Obviously there were missing some counterparts to the first (almost untouched) 54 seconds to call it a day. But hey, look what shows up, if you use the ccMixter pella search (nudge the BPM slider to 100)? BAM, the first match blew us away! Stefan delighted us (also March 2016 !) with an outstanding vocal performance by Silke Schiemann. Coincidence? More strangely the vocals fitted like they were made for this track.

So, now we’re talking! Targets acknowledged: we heated up our virtual tubes, plugged in some sample based guitars and gave it a try. It worked out quite believable.

Sniffing a bit further we found the awesome remix by Dave. For us, that lead-synthline (?) we used from his track, is the icing on the cake! Mission accomplished? Nope, not quite yet.

There was this Secret Mixter thing, you know? In our other submission for this Secret Mixter we couldn’t incorporate a sample created by luka him self, so this track features some of his didge-growls…

Due to license restrictions some samples will not be included in the stems.

With luv from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-01

  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 01 - DRUMS Main.flac (21.81MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 02 - DRUMS Add.flac (21.58MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 03 - DRUMS Taikos.flac (1.29MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 06 - DRUMS Cymbals L20.flac (1.18MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-02

  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 07 - DRUMS Cymbals 1.flac (3.27MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 08 - DRUMS Cymbals 2.flac (2.41MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 09 - BASS Dark Notar.flac (15.56MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 11 - SIGNATURE UpLFOed.flac (10.50MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 12 - DIDGE Luka - Didgeridoo_loops_and_fillers_9.flac (1.21MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 13 - LEAD KORG Polysix.flac (9.73MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-03

  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 18 - GUITAR Strat.flac (9.06MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 20 - GUITAR Jup.flac (4.45MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 21 - GUITAR Jup 2.flac (271.02KB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 23 - GUITSYNTH DaveMerrick.flac (7.73MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-04

  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 14 - PAD Warmth.flac (7.70MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 15 - ORCH Bass Tromb CrescL.flac (564.39KB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 16 - ORCH Strings Hi.flac (2.64MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 25 - VOX Main.flac (8.71MB)
  • /BWYA[105 Cmin(nat)] - 26 - VOX 2nd (side).flac (6.91MB)

"Be What You Are"
by 7OOP3D

2019 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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