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Come Inside

uploaded: Sat, May 11, 2019 @ 10:43 PM last modified: Sat, May 11, 2019 @ 10:58 PM  (add)
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It’s getting hotter, thanks to musicbrain!
Since the very first listening of luka’s Pollies Journey it was clear: this track gave us the license to be cheesy.

With vivid memories of Cherry-Coke-whiff paired with the smell of hairspray in mind we pitched down the backing track to a comfortable key (a classy A min). Next up we groped some creamy 7, 9 and 11 chords on cheesy 80s synths sounds, added bold drums and some typical basslines for the feets and the stomach.

Time to slip into the Vanilla Trousers and feel cool with these mirror-glasses? Nope! As the digital watch reminds: there’s a lot of work ahead. For propper Vocals we made a short trip to Madam Snowflakes Vocal-Wonderland. There we accidentally met Kara and urged her also to join our Synthwave party instantly. Dr. Vocalchord didn’t show up this time - sometimes he’s a clumsy party-crasher.

To meet the motto we incorporated two samples found in a strange archive of K-Mart tapes of that time:

Okay. Well, obviously Temperate Transitions instead of Temperature Transitions then… Hmm, sure, instead of justifying we pitch in a second track, with absolutly the same flaw: lack of motto! That’ll justify - you know, only repetition legitimizes…

Some mixing rounds later we got that wide and spacey but punchy sound of retrowave. Time to feel cool and dry that mullet?

Due to license restrictions some samples will not be included in the stems.

With luv from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-01

  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 04 - VOX Emily Verse.flac (8.17MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 05 - VOX Emily Chorus.flac (10.77MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 06 - VOX K6 Uuh (R).flac (6.38MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 07 - VOX Kara Spoken (R).flac (2.72MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 08 - VOX Kara Whisper.flac (2.19MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-02

  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 11 - DRUMS GASE 626.flac (2.88MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 14 - GRP 626.flac (15.32MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 16 - DRUM ADD 80s (R).flac (20.71MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 19 - DRUM Cowbell.flac (5.04MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 20 - BASS CZoped (R).flac (1.89MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 21 - BASS Juno Barker (R).flac (1.63MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 22 - BASS Semoko (R).flac (2.16MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-03

  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 24 - ORIG Pollie.flac (19.22MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 25 - PAD JP-Saws (R).flac (14.60MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 26 - PAD Beauty CZ (R).flac (4.27MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 27 - ARP ST 101 (R).flac (6.64MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems-04

  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 28 - SYNTH Juno Brass (R).flac (7.83MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 30 - GUITAR M1.flac (9.44MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 31 - LEAD Prophet Bars (R).flac (5.66MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 32 - LEAD Amped Ampere (R).flac (3.81MB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 33 - FX 171603__bliss__colabdare1-hightoneperc-95bpm.flac (695.99KB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 34 - FX Noisesweep.flac (300.91KB)
  • /Come_Inside[110 Amin] - 35 - GRP VOX Announces.flac (3.41MB)

"Come Inside"
by 7OOP3D

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