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permalink   Tue, Jun 6, 2023 @ 2:16 PM
Hi all,
I am confused about where cmmixter/mixterplus is going !
Is the idea now to concentrate on mixterplus,like building up a body of music, stems, pells and remixes as fast as possible to be released under the new license ? What happens to all that material on ccmixter under cc licenses — is the idea to ignore that for the time being ?
Sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere,
Best, Martin
permalink   Thu, Jun 8, 2023 @ 10:44 AM
Hey Martin — thanks for your question. Please check out the mixterplus faq and livestream video for some answers.

MixterPlus provides a new platform for our community to collaborate while creating new models for Attribution and sharing. It is our hope that MixterPlus will establish a foundation to help ccMixter adapt. We believe that by developing MixterPlus, we will learn how to modify ccMixter in a way that addresses the issues above. We love ccMixter and want to see it flourish!

I hope this helps.
permalink   Thu, Jun 8, 2023 @ 10:59 AM
Can’t speak for everyone, but the two platforms offer different capabilities (and always will) and the artists have been placing their emphasis according to their preferences (and willingness to be test subjects).
When the Dreaming Together event finishes, M+ will become more of a background process — at least in terms of the admins’ time. We expect this ebb and flow between the two to continue.
I for one do not intend to let ccmixter fall away/off if I can prevent it.
permalink   Sun, Jun 11, 2023 @ 10:48 AM
Thanks for the explanations. Actually i was at the live stream event so I should know the answer ! But I like the idea of an ebb and flow between the two entities