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permalink   Sun, Nov 11, 2018 @ 3:52 PM
I am confused about ID3 tags.

When I download a sample, I get a box telling me to copy a message naming track and author. ( Sometimes, not always; sometimes the track opens to play and I just “save as “) But, if there, I copy this tag and put it in the metadata.

But I now see that when I download a track of mine, the tags have been changed now including the URL of my upload and the right CC license. So, do I need to bother including tags in tracks I upload? I also sometimes add more info ( like which instrument I used from a particular track) which thus also disappears. BTW this seems to apply to MP3s now, Flacs don t seem to be affected.
Hope someone can advise
permalink   Wed, Nov 14, 2018 @ 6:23 PM
Hi Martin!

I am also somewhat confused about the id3 tags for mp3s. I noticed a similar issue when I prepared the mp3s for my remixes/samples by entering metadata before uploading them. When I downloaded them to check and see if they retained the info, I noticed it was missing and replaced with what we see in everyone else’s mp3s: Title (ft …), Artist, Album (ccMixter), Date, and in “Copyright” it shows a link to and the url for the upload.

In my case, the license link and URL have always been correct, and the “featuring” info is pulled from the upload properties of “collaborators.” I am assuming this is all on purpose, so that all mp3s are uniform and provide only the minimum of info needed (the rest can be found at the included URL.)

I respect your attention to detail as far as listing instruments used for individual tracks! As you mentioned, this information is not changed in the FLAC files, but it most likely is not changed in mp3s that are included in ZIP files, so maybe that’s where it can be placed. An idea to consider would be to make the “preview” mp3s just 30 second clips, with the full lengths in ZIP files — when people download them and unzip them, they will have the version which retains all of the metadata which you entered (or the full length could be a FLAC, just a larger file size.)

You mentioned that the right CC license was changed, which is odd and needs to be investigated. Can you say which of your uploads this happened to? It might be an isolated incident, but it’s still worth looking into.
permalink   martinsea Fri, Nov 16, 2018 @ 3:16 PM
Apoxode, thanks for your response ! Actually, I didnt make myself clear, when I talked about the right license. I m not saying my license was changed, just that I see this as one of the tags included on downloads and I assume it is correct.
As to 30 sec previews, I m not really in favor; lots of tracks I m glad to listen to whole once or twice that I might not necessarily download. I will put the instrumentation details in the track description and let the rest be. All the best Martin