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Collaborators wanted for "Band Aid Infinity" artpop project

permalink   Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 12:00 PM
I’d love to hear a multi-vocalist version. It’s about being a kid in the early 80s when the famine happened, and how billions ate crippled by poverty every day. It’s a more cynical take on the Band Aid stuff which ended up being about the current crop of fashion pop stars.

Anyway, the track is cc0, so what you do if anything is whatever you want.

Every few years there’s a re-run of Band Aid, seriously this shouldn’t be happening. We’ve had 31 years and there’s still crippling poverty in Africa, Somali fishermen being forced to turn to pirates because we’ve polluted their waters, Nigerians kept poor by polluting oil giants supporting corrupt politicians and stealing any wealth of the locals. It shouldn’t happen.

Not 31 years after the original Band Aid. That sucks bad. This tune is about the loss of innocence, and you might like the piss take track “This Is Why Christmas Is Bullshit” by So Out There, another SAW related project.

It’s about loss of childhood innocence, family and the true Christmas spirit.

band aid infinity

sometime back in the 80s
i got a lego set
with mum and dad and little sis
and grandma was the best

i didn’t drink
i didn’t smoke
cos i was just a kid
and i had my best friends round to play
and this what we did

so if you have kids of your own
let them sing and play
innocenc e is priceless
and there ain’t no bills to pay
no sex no drugs or full time jobs
no gangs no fights no callous yobs
and isn’t it the saddest day
when you wish your childhood away

and that was my last christmas
where i really felt a part
lucky to have family
with an unconditional loving heart
we’d take a walk on frosty tracks
mince pies waiting when we got back
and i’ll always feel the pain
that we’ll never bei innocent again

the politics was on TV
but we were to young to care
the ugly side of mankind
we didn’t know it was there

lucky to have had it all
so many never got
their family homes got bombed to bits
their parents they got shot
they have to work for slavery
so the table could be laid
the innocence that dried up
through famine, plague and wars
and what i’ve seen
and where i’ve been
makes me want to believe in santa clause

now features an electric version, sort of Noisettes meets Carter USM, and stems for those parts.

The original Band Aid concept became too much about the vanity of the music industry, I’d love to contribute some more underground stuff, to make eradicating poverty the real fashion as opposed a passing fad showing nothing more than the outfits of those talking awareness.
Platinum Butterfly
permalink   Thu, Dec 17, 2015 @ 2:51 AM
it is a wonderful idea, but i think on this place in the forum it wont get so many attention as it should get, maybe contact the admins with this idea and make it more known via the admins…

peace :)

i can’t sing btw, but i would love to hear the results :)