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Free Music Full Length Video Project!

permalink   Sun, Jul 22, 2012 @ 9:23 AM
Inspired by the Freedom & Free Beer project currently running at ccMixter, our community member Economix is putting together a full-length cc-licensed video featuring excerpts from videos using music from ccMixter. As an avid proponent of sharing culture, Economix who regularly creates videos using ccMixter music, is interested in expanding the work to encompass a wide variety of sounds and images in one piece. He would love to know about your favorite(s). If you have a favorite video featuring your music, please send a link to Economix to be considered for inclusion in his project.
permalink   Sun, Jul 22, 2012 @ 4:36 PM
On one hand, there is already a complete feature length work entitled PANORAMA EPHEMERA available on clearbits site. The content has no copyright restriction at all. It would be simple to add a CCmixter soundtrack, although the film itself consists of documentaries from the prelinger archive and quite old. Possibly more suitable for instrumental works.

On the other hand there are folk masquerading as ther favourite commercial artist, illegally posting just released ripped videos under false pretenses. Any material under copyright will be excluded from my project.

I am collecting CC-BY (attribution only) licensed music videos to splice together into a feature length work, under an attribution license. A compilation of shared music. If you are reasonably sure a favourite music video has been posted by the person who shot the film, please send a link to my profile mail.

I cannot use anything with racial or other discriminatory slurs, violence, nudity or semi-nudity regardless of how tasteful or artistic.

I already have more than enough material, but you can help by offering up the best authentic fan video of work you prefer. I will be putting it together in coming months. Any suggestions for a title or offers of collaboration gratefully received.

I would also like to include some video of artists themselves along the following lines
1. No advertising
2. must use the word ‘ccmixter’
3. less than seven seconds duration
I would consider one longer clip about ccmixter itself.
permalink   Thu, Aug 2, 2012 @ 8:03 AM
Now here’s a joke
Question: What do you call a collaboation with only one participant?
Answer: Therapy!
As proof of principle, it is a piece of cake to manufacture sixty solid minutes of video with ccmixter backing. There is more than enough material. Lacking are purpose and theme.
If anyone else attempts this, I suggest “Love Songs” as a theme that fits very well with all the budding videography companies advertising their services with wedding footage of flashy couples. Another theme might be “Nature” or “art”, but I seriously suggest you wait until multiple artists see a purpose for such a venture and ask for it.
The final cut is at
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