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7 seconds of bliss.

permalink   Sat, May 23, 2009 @ 9:47 PM
I use a very simple stand-alone softsynth for much of my song creation. I spend some of the most fun time of my hobby life creating or locating samples to “sample” in my little synth.

What I hunt is samples of a single musical note, created with any instrument, which lasts 3 to 7 seconds.

The sample should have zero as in zero fx. Ideally, the note should be as “clean” and “pure” as possible, without distracting delay, reverb, vibrato, or gimmickry.

What makes the note is fairly unimportant. The human voice can be great. A woodwind or brass instrument can be great. A piano can be great. A guitar can be great. A softsynth can be great. A mallet tapping a glass objet d’art can be great. What is not great is
something that sounds like it was played with the reverb set to the “carnegie hall” preset and which
features a glissandi of 12 notes in 1 second played with the wah wah pedal on and the delay set on the “time tunnel” setting.

In my dream world, when people uploaded a set of samples or a ‘pella, they would include in the upload a single wave file of 3 to 7
seconds in duration of just such a single note. If the note were “C”, that would be even better.

In my Kingdom of Heaven (which lies within), that sound would also be licensed attribution and not attribution NC.

Few things on mixter are more fun for me than to sample J. Lang’s guitar upload and find my synth makes it sound like the same electric piano on Be Bop Deluxe’s Live! in the Air Age! album, or to
take Calendar Girl singing a single extended note and turning into a breathy synth melody for a remix of a Millay poem called “Recuerdo”.

So I’m seeking bliss, and bliss comes in this instance in simple wave packages.
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