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CCMixter Interactiive Musical Stageshow

permalink   Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 1:49 PM
Hi guys and gals. In my mixing madness I want to start the ball rolling on a colab style CCM musical stage show.
I’ve decided to drive this difficult beast with the help of a new persona “ InteractiveStageshow
The new playlist page will be updated as each new scene is added.
The new live script can now be found in another forum thread.
In the meantime I’m out casting and inviting fellow CCM nuts to create or suggest music or plot developments.
You can either post a topic reply to this forum or follow the links contained in the playlist notes.
At this stage Anchor seems to be thrust into the leading role, but the entire concept is anything you want it to be.
permalink   Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 2:12 PM
do the blue lips belong to a Russian supermodel maybe?
permalink   ScOmBer Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 2:57 PM
Nice pointer Spin. Thanks for the tip. I’m writing this one into the script. Meanwhile Scene 4 is now complete and can be viewed at the playlist
permalink   ScOmBer Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 3:47 PM
Thanks Spin, this track now forms scene 5 of “ CCM the musical stageshow”. Follow this link to view the updated stage notes.
permalink   spinmeister Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 4:04 PM
how did you know about my blue flashlight? :-)
permalink   spinmeister Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 4:25 PM
I hope you’re ok with this - otherwise let me know.
permalink   ScOmBer Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 4:41 PM
No worries mate. As they say any publicity is good publicity.
I’m even thinking of leaving the underpants behind next time I get out of the limo.
Sure to raise my profile but I’m afraid that I could become the next gay Icon. Belinda would disown me!
permalink   ScOmBer Sun, Jan 25, 2009 @ 5:43 AM
Hey Spin, this project is gathering some pace now. Victor planted a seed today when we were talking about ways to avoid lengthy text intro’s for each scene. Why not do an audio version of the intro? and include it as part of an alternative playlist a bit like a MCJ voice over.
It will also give my other multiple personalities a creative outlet in the style of the old fashioned radio play with all the associated cheesy sound effects, character voices and mood music.
Freesound has a wealth of CC friendly sounds that should be used more often.
I’ve started a new profile for this project now so my own page will be less cluttered and the whole thing can be digested much easier.
Is there a way of transferring files to a new account rather than resubmitting them over or is this a talent available only to the higher powers?
Thanks for your support and encouragement.
permalink   victor Mon, Jan 26, 2009 @ 12:59 PM
Quote: Is there a way of transferring files to a new account rather than resubmitting them over…?

Nope. So much for the “flexible” software lol.
permalink   Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 5:09 PM
My Sister was a bit of a model in her day and cheap to keep due to her lack of calorific intake! She was great to take to a cake shop. More for me!!

In later years she expanded to fill marquee size dresses but kept modelling but in the larger sizes.

Maybe you could introduce a few fatties to make the rest of us big bellied but happy models feel better!
permalink   ScOmBer Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 5:31 PM
The production caterers have a somewhat limited budget mostly devoted to the opulent executive producer lunches.
Casting and security at the door have been instructed to limit the throughput of fatties to maintain these tight fiscal restraints….
Small servings are the go in these tough times - and the aftershow nibblies well, we have arranged smartly dressed unemployed merchant bankers to serve out individually portioned green grapes on small linen squares….
There is a Burger King across the road from the theater though…..
Don’t hang up that remodeled bathrobe just yet RT - you’re on in five.
permalink   Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 7:55 PM
i’m so proud of you for throwing your prodigious energies into this project instead of burnin’ up the sydney bar scene. although, if we make as much moolah on this as i think we will, that would be a great place to start spending it. i remain your eternally un-greedy and willing pawn. p
permalink   ScOmBer Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 8:13 PM
Scene six is up. There will be a brief intermission afterward (I need to sleep, shit shower etc and go out for dinner with Belinda :))
permalink   Fri, Jan 23, 2009 @ 6:44 PM
One of the admins “featured” this as a playlist. Unfortunately because the description is very long it takes up the entire featured playlist page. lol

Sorry. Nothing against your playlist but I am “unfeaturing” it for now. : )
permalink   ScOmBer Fri, Jan 23, 2009 @ 10:08 PM
No worries Teru. The playlist format wasn’t probably the best method for this style of project, especially as it gets bigger.
Do you have any suggestions?
permalink   teru Fri, Jan 23, 2009 @ 10:17 PM
Sorry for confusing things. The playlist is fine. I think it’s the best way to keep your project organized.

I was posting to say I took it off this page. : )
permalink   spinmeister Sat, Jan 24, 2009 @ 12:41 AM
I agree with teru, the playlist format isn’t the problem - it was just overwhelming that one page with multiple playlists.

I actually think it’s quite a brilliant use of a playlist. So don’t destroy your playlist!
permalink   ScOmBer Sat, Jan 24, 2009 @ 1:16 AM
Thanks Spin, never wanted to get rid of it, just asking teru if he thought there was a better way to construct the project.
If you were one of the higher powers that ed featured the playlist - many thanks dude.
I’m currently revising scene six.
Anchor felt it was to much of a genre shock in comparison to the preceding pieces and I agree with him. I can’t argue with my leading man.
I’m writing a totally new piece based on one of Admiral Bob’s finest moments (amongst the many).
The lyrics serve to tie the plot together and I hope to include that colleague of yours Victor.

The famous or (infamous I’m not too sure ;-) fourstones (master of this domain) is currently in Sydney; we’ve been in contact so I’m hopefully going to have a coffee or a cold beer with him in the next couple of days and maybe convince him to talk a few incantations into my field recorder for his wizard role…
Thanks man for your support and interest in this groundbreaking and weird ass project.
permalink   spinmeister Sat, Jan 24, 2009 @ 11:08 AM
actually I can’t take credit for putting it on the featured playlist page - must have been one of the other higher powers, who also loves this idea :-)

I just think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen done with a playlist and the fact that you can do it in this way on ccM, sure speaks for the software design of our grand wizard.

Or in other words, the very fact that it is a playlist is a crucial part of it’s overall charm and cool factor.
permalink   ScOmBer Sat, Jan 24, 2009 @ 3:07 PM
Scene 6 is now revised and published.
You can follow this galloping monolith on the updated playlist here