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the Welcome Wagon..

John Pazdan
permalink   Wed, Dec 3, 2008 @ 6:39 AM idea for you Rudy..I mean Vic-tor (for some reason, I woke up this munin singing A Message to You, Rudee..)..lately I have been really enjoying the new people here..some of whom are in my own dust-filled, antiquated, “ol’ skool” blablabla ball park. And when these people hop on in, it seems they are sorta struck by the immensity of this wonderful place..and if they aren’t schooled in Internet Shill 101, they might miss a few ways to cough promote about a “Welcome Wagon” feature. (sorry about the title for the feature, but it is a little early. “Fresh Meat” might work too) a little thang on the sidebar that has an expiration date..maybe a form we could provide..that sort of thing..then the new citizens can’t just sneak into ccM land without all us intrepid mitzers spotting them. Also would make them welcome and all warm and fuzzy and stuff.

And hows about an “information packet” that explains ccM , has links, gives out valuable tips on where to eat in the neighborhood, you know..that sort of thing. YES I KNOW all that info is here if you dig in, but how delightful it would be if a new person got that right from the start.