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Developer and Bloggers: Query API 2.0 (Beta)

permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 2:18 AM
The majority of the features that were turned on tonight are a direct result of advancing the ccHost Query API. The newest version (called 2.0 Beta) has a doc-in-progress that can be found here.

It’s gone through some testing and banging but could always use more. The new version expands the scope considerably in that it now covers data sources other than just uploads. It also covers topics, playlists, users, etc.

This expansion also means more ways to screw up so there is much stricter parameter checking and error detection going on in this version. In the event of bogus parameters, the worse case scenario is a list of generic results instead of what you intended. Hopefully you will get an error message, hopefully a useful one.

In any event, we’ll be building even more features now that the 2.0 API is in place and we hope bloggers and dataminers will find it useful too.