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New Features (Refresh your browser!)

permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:20 AM
There’s a bunch of new features here, before I list them all out make sure to refresh your browser.

Check back here in a few minutes I’ll have the details…
permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:36 AM
There are several new features I’ve turned on tonight:

Enhanced Playlists

Check out the look of playlist browsing.

You’ll note that I’ve gathered all the tags from the uploads (the popular ones anyway) and used them to tag the playlists themselves. (Don’t worry if you tagged a playlist already I did not overwrite your tags).

Expand the playlist and you’ll notice several new features:

The means ‘download all the files in this playlist’

Also note the tags below the description are links, they will take you to all the other playlists that share that tag. Like all these tagged “downtempo”

Now notice on each line for a track, next to blue info button is a tool icon: which will popup an ‘action’ menu for that track. If you are logged in you can add the track one of your playlists, review it, etc.

Next to the tool icon is one of these and a number next to it. That is a link that will show you all the other playlists that track is in. Like here for Skyline Mix.

Now for your own playlists you see the familiar ‘Edit Properties’ menu item in the playlist. When you follow that now, I will show you all tags for the uploads you’ve added under ‘Suggested Tags’ to encourage you to use these to help tie playlists together.

Hopefully all these will make it easy for playlist makers to make it easy for playlist listeners to bounce around the music on the site based on shared taste.

There’s more features I’m going to write up, while you’re waiting check out a great old playlist by J. Lang.
permalink   remaxim Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 6:22 AM
hey … there are a lot of cool features you integrated. Thanks a lot! Those are great!

The only thing I don’t like to much are the new CC-license info boxes. I think the old ones fitted the site better. It’s just my personal opinion, so maybe other people like it more than the old ones.
permalink   fourstones Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:15 PM
the old icons were non-standard and maintained by me (to state the obvious: not an artist). If there’s an artist out there can can design and maintain more esthetically pleasing license icons I’m all for it.
permalink   remaxim Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 3:15 AM
as I already said … I liked the old ones more. They were pleasant and not too obtrusive. To me you did a very good job creating those icons.
But of course it’s still up to you … if you don’t want to change back it’s OK for me as well. The new ones aren’t bad, just not as good as the old ones.
permalink   fourstones Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 12:20 PM
I’m doin the best I can. Feel free to offer a solution here.
permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:43 AM
Featured Pages Feeds

Several of ‘feature pages’ like Featured Samples now have their own syndication feeds. Whenever you land on a page with one, just check out the in the left of page. Here’s the one for Featured Samples. This way you can keep track of various features like Artist Spotlight and even when our Home Page changes.
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:44 AM
not to be a pain, but i think your switch re-seeded my playlist in the wrong order and now my show is all out of whack :O

it doesn’t seem too obvious how to re-sort the list or i’d just do it. sorry…
permalink   fourstones Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:50 AM
hold on, don’t reorder! I got it…
permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:49 AM
New Embedded Players

Do you have a blog or web page somewhere out there? We’ve added several new Flash(tm) embed players to our publicize pages including for playlists. These are very cool looking. Here’s the Yahoo! Easy Player:

permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 1:29 AM
And finally (I would have had this sooner but he had me chasin down his nit picky bugs ;)

MC Jack in the Box Presents: Cool Music

Our new feature is one by a community member that will feature the best of site on a weekly basis (here’s the feed so you can get notified when he posts).
permalink   MC Jack in the Box Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 1:41 AM
ha, thanks victor! i’m flattered. you should use that slick new player you made so it shows the playlist. is that possible?
permalink   fourstones Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 1:44 AM
woa - I did NOT make these flash player. The one above is yahoo! as is the one on the featured page. I’m just picking these up from around the web. All I have to do is feed it list of files to play - literally one line of code on my part.

I’m assuming the featured page is going fill up with a bunch of your shows (right? ;) and I think it’s just a little overwhelming to have 12 of those big blue jobs on one page.
permalink   MC Jack in the Box Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 1:47 AM
oh yeah, i agree. no prob. i’m on for at least a year. :)

and thanks!!
permalink   MC Jack in the Box Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 2:00 AM
oops, something minor, it looks like in the featured playlist the last 2 tracks got lopped off, but they appear in the playlist listing under the “hot” tab (the 2025 track and my outro)
permalink   fourstones Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 2:08 AM
not so minor but it should ok now…

(where the heck were you when we were beta testing this stuff!?!? ;)
permalink   Sat, Jul 12, 2008 @ 1:57 AM
oh yea - one more (I forgot :)

Search Playlists

There’s a whole new category of search - you can now limit your search to just playlists. For example, here’s a search for the ”ambient” in playlists.
permalink   teru Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 3:17 AM
IE7 is working fine for me. I hope what ever it was it’s fixed now.
permalink   Subliminal Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 11:15 AM
If I leave out the “www” it works, but with the “www” included I get the same error. Mind you, I already got this error ages ago with the link from my blog to my ccmixter profile.

Otherwise great (new) features. I created a bunch of playlists and am now going to try adding one of them to my blog and maybe my website.
permalink   fourstones Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 12:19 PM
ok, the www prefix shouldn’t crash any more. I’m not sure my solution is bulletproof but if nothing else is broken we’ll see if it holds.
permalink   spinmeister Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 12:16 PM
yeah, when using the www even
Firefox 3 throws the following error (although the page displays ok):

Exception… “Access to restricted URI denied” code: “1012” nsresult: “0x805303f4 (NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI)” location: “ Line: 1041”]

Safari just shows “Error: Permission denied”.

NOTE to everyone: I think that is the OFFICIAL url - for example if you google “ creative commons remixing”, is shows ccMixter org and NOT Also, if you click on a link on the page, it leads you to links. So at least in my blog and other web sites I always link to WITHOUT the www.
permalink   Subliminal Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 12:38 PM
I removed the “www” from the links from my website and blog.

Btw, the old problem with the link from my blog to my profile had probably nothing to do with the “www” part, but with the inclusion of “media” somewhere in the address (wherever that came from).

I have noticed that “” gets converted to “” now and therefore works too (most probably due to Victor’s fix).
permalink   fourstones Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 12:41 PM
I don’t know where the www prefix came from but it’s propagated somehow. I’m redirecting now, not ideal but should hold off mislabeled urls getting errors.
permalink   fourstones Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 1:07 PM

and of course this has zero to do with yesterday’s features - this “issue” has been there for 4 years ;)
permalink   spinmeister Sun, Jul 13, 2008 @ 1:07 PM
yes, a long time ago that was the case, in the infancy of the internet (early 1990s) when protocols like gopher, ftp and nntp were on par with http.

But on the modern web, the www can be considered a bit redundant. Four extra keystrokes for nothing :-)

And older browsers would prepend the www. and append a .com to find web sites, if you just typed in the main name of a site in the URL field. But I think/hope most of that nonsense has stopped, because it rewarded domain squatting, and made a .com inherently more valuable than a .net, .org, .info, etc. — not to mention country specific extensions.