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Robert Rich on Magnatune

permalink   Sun, Aug 26, 2007 @ 3:51 PM
I just noticed this weekend that Robert Rich is now a Magnatune artist. Rich is an ambient artist with a stronger following than most ambient artists. His magnatune stats already appear to have moved him up their charts.

I suggest that ccmixter sponsor a Robert Rich remix contest. A few loops could be cut from his magnatune offerings, but in general
one could use his already-posted albums, with perhaps a link for newbies, and get the job done.
My belief is that properly publicized in ambient circles, such a contest would bring a lot of new users to the mixter.

In the long run, too, I hope that the second update to the magnatune sample pool will take place, so that all these Rich albums will be easy to attribute through the mixter’s excellent software. Nothing stops one now from using and manually attributing, thanks to Magnatune’s policies in such matters, I suppose, but I sure do like the mixter’s state of the art attribution system. I know that other things are a higher priority, but when those new albums can be part of the search-able sample pool, it will be cool.
permalink   Sun, Aug 26, 2007 @ 9:08 PM
Hey Bob, I updated the Magnatune samples page (and thus the sample pool) and got the Rich albums and these:

‘Trances-Drones CD1’ by Robert Rich
‘Trances-Drones CD2’ by Robert Rich
‘Bestiary’ by Robert Rich
‘Open Window’ by Robert Rich
‘Echo of Small Things’ by Robert Rich
‘Calling Down The Sky’ by Robert Rich
‘Below Zero’ by Robert Rich
‘Temple of the Invisible’ by Robert Rich
‘Pivot’ by Amoeba
‘Watchful’ by Amoeba
‘Beethoven - Opferlied and Symphony Number 9’ by Philharmonia Baroque
‘The Devils Toxin - Atek Rebirth Vol 1’ by Ambient Teknology
‘J.S. Bach Trio Sonatas’ by Zucker Andon Ranck and Locker
‘Airs De Cour Francais Du XVIIe Siecle’ by Trio Dafne
‘J.S. Bach - Cantatas Volume II’ by American Bach Soloists
‘J.S. Bach - Cantatas Volume III’ by American Bach Soloists
‘J.S. Bach - Cantatas Volume IV’ by American Bach Soloists
‘CD1 Mixter Two - I Dont Know What Im Doing’ by Brad Sucks
‘CD2 Mixter Two - I Dont Know What Im Doing’ by Brad Sucks
‘Elements’ by John Holowach

Meanwhile I think we’re going to take a small contest moratorium. In the past contests were the primary way we grew the site and if you Google “remix contest” we come up #2 so technically it still brings people into the fold. But I’ve gotten the message, both explicitly from several mixters and implicitly by the stats that there’s a little contest fatigue - including staff ;) Seriously, in the last few months we turned down a ton of remix contests from labels artists that mistook this site for a stop along the PR train for their latest single.

With the release of the DJ Vadim album the idea is to start a new era for the site where we put artists to the test by, requesting, artists put their whole album into the Commons.

Makes sense?

Case in point: Brad Sucks put every solo track of his whole album here and so many people remixed that Magnatune put out a double album of remixes from ccMixter. No contest, just remixes and albums.
permalink   gurdonark Mon, Aug 27, 2007 @ 4:49 AM
Thanks for updating the samples page, Victor. That’s great.

Although I was the one that just asked for a contest, in light of the point you made I agree that it’s better to have a moratorium.
I think things like the DJ Vadim album are great.
permalink   oldDog Mon, Aug 27, 2007 @ 3:50 AM
That’s great news about the Magnatune samples.

Can I also say that I for one am really pleased about the decision on contests. Although I fully understand the purpose behind them, I personally found that the sense of a ccMixter community seemed to disappear for a while each time there’s been a contest, and in the long run that sense of a shared community that can develop organically is perhaps more important. And if we can put pressure on artists to release whole albums, so much the better - otherwise the cc community just becomes part of the PR machine of signed artists.
So thanks for listening to the feelings of those on the site, and power to the people!
permalink   duckett Tue, Oct 9, 2007 @ 5:55 PM
Amen to that! I understand the need to grow, and while the exposure is great, I wouldn’t mind not having 90,000 remixes of the same sample pack flooding the site for a while. The no_contest_dammit feature saved my sanity, let me tell you. Even without contests, if I see a vocalist being remixed 5 times a day, every day, no matter if I love the samples, I won’t go near it. Why get lost in the shuffle? I’m always interested in the original artist’s opinion, and if my remix is the 1,000th they’ve heard of their track so far, their interest level may not be at its peak. Besides, I’ve got too many holes in my skills to think that out of those 1,000 remixes, mine will outshine the other 999. Shutting up now…