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...wilma around by her hair! as to the music, well as always it's up there in thought and tone[up][/up]
review of 'oortian clouds' by 'speck' a solid consistent build at once mesmerizing and chair dance instigating. much enjoyed. [up][/up][...
... we just sample the washing machine :0)
...hat, this and trf's washing machine...
review of 'abstract music ft abstract audio' by 'sackjo22' come on!!!! you got my outta my chair to dance. freaking brilliant my friend!...
... top of a mountain, hair blowing and cape trailing off behind you and flaying those arms around kate bush style.
...e wanna dig up some hairband cd's and give 'em a listen!
review of 'gone' by 'scomber' awesome job mate, enjoyed the slow burn and the big hair mandolin !
...ho is about my age, washing the dishes after breakfast for her teenage children and her husband who holds 45 minute sessions in the
...tyard. one was gray-haired and male and the other was always happy when she saw me. they had two babies. from a man, i suppose. but
review of 'disease' by 'sackjo22' oh yes! you got me out of the chair and moving this morning. great pulse. great sound. and unfortuna...
review of 'the sweet music' by 'kara square' awwww yeah! pro mix all around. ya' got me chair dancing over here!
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