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.../url] my site is a database/blog of free vst's, music software, dj tools, etc... i hope that you find it useful :) cheers, crisp
...]soundcatcher extras[/url]" !!
...icult, since no metadata is sent. featuring artists in a song title would be impossible for me, since [url=
missing review and rating i don't know if this is really a bug, maybe some data loss issue. i received in my email a notification about a...
... on a lookup in our database), tags (again, looked up automatically), license, score, etc. and a playist is dynamically created and
promote yourself hi, a simple question regarding the data generated for the xspf player: currently the playlist displays the ccmixt...
...ory[/b] that cc metadata should make the license display easy. is this something that can be changed easily in the display template?
bpm data field not available on a cappella upload i'm not certain whether or not the bpm field was there the first time....i realized i h...
...e tracks in the metadata, along with a typed description of which cc license they each have. (ex: "(cc)by-nc-sa") this will automati
... a bunch of digital data in these files that i want to get rid of. could somebody enlighten me what point i am missing here?
...06. the analysis of data will highlight challenges and opportunities facing emerging artists. the questionnaire will take approxi
... i'm not seeing any data flowing through my router. i'm using safari on os x, latest versions. i tried to go back with firefox but n
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