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review of 'the meaning of words' by 'sackjo22' evocative and sing-a-long-able — qualities of music i love! bravo!
review of 'hey, are you here?' by 'dysfunction_al' perfect combination of artistic qualities. the music and the voice marry perfectly. ka...
.... you have artistic qualities above the average and you share them generously with everyone. yours, are precious gifts. i do not hav
review of 'all the lines' by 'beluga ten' wonderful thought-inspiring lyrics and marvellous production qualities.
...f, great production qualities.[up][/up]
...ess even one of the qualities the job calls for - never mind 50 million people believing it. this song kind of puts that sentime
... this has a lot of qualities, first of all it captures at the first hearing. and rythmically, there are so many different speeds b
review of 'vitamins' by 'speck' nice clear guitar that goes real well with the vocal qualities.
review of 'black lullaby' by 'robert warrington' as with other songs of yours, this has beautiful understated qualities and insinuates it...
review of 'music_connects_us' by 'copperhead' such great qualities to everyone's voice.
review of 'greensleeves (whatever mix)' by 'timberman' yay, has the hypnotic qualities of 'my life in the bush of ghosts'. really really ...
...d slightly ephereal qualities that seem to marry rather well intoa musical dreamscape [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
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