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...tually playing live programming and drum samples with the italian jazz ensemble kunfufunk. he's working on the sound terrorists proj
...nce then. i use the program mixcraft v2.0. it seems to be very helpful and basic. my main goal is to conquer the feild of techno.
nicvcer nicvcer my name is dan and i am attending school for fine arts and 3d animation. i am experienced with several programs, and enjo...
paulprogram paulprogram experience). the program i use called fruity loops.
...eyboards, and synth programs.
...oduced and directed programs and media portals featuring a new global entertainment community. we are but one of a new breed of u
...transformation. to program bases is something that makes delights...
...s a composer for tv programmes and movies. you can also check my pop band nervoso e os calmantes' original mp3 bounces at www.myspac
mistycow mistycow were a band from rio de janeiro, brazil. our members are felipe esteves - guitars and programations -, bruno lima - k...
...e none of the other programs i've used could capture my attention. i've lately dug into reason 2.5 a bit and i'm loving it so far.
...told me he had this program that came with his new soundcard called acid. since he had no use for it, he gave it to me. wow! how thi
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