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... summer pre-college program for composition. i attended penn state university and receive a diverse education of philsophy, art, mus
...kstar games' online program called the beaterator ( it was love at first loop, and now that i've found out abou
... using cakewalk and programmed drums. we consider to join again and your opinion will be appreciated.
...for an ad agency, i program when ever i get a chance, and i'm just interested in finding out what other people hear in my music.
...ears of playing and programming music brought us both practical and theoretical knowledge, unique style and a considerable start ahe
...s, sound designers, programmers, singers & songwriters; guitar, bass, drums & keyboards players; owners of tala production company
... with a pc and many programs, samples, sometimes i play and sample my guitar, or i use broken cd or pc errors.
...g and art... i am a programmer, and an artist... i love those special moments in life that seem to stretch infinitely within a singl
programm i run
jasp jaspdnb dj/producer/artist..over 15 years programming/midi/mixdowns. from electro to drum-n-bass & everything in between. left-hande...
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