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TSCHAK_UNIT-E (tschak):

TSCHAK_UNIT-E (tschak)

About Me
I am a producer as well as a vocalist. I can handle virtually all aspects of music production myself, from composition to mastering. :-)

I am a driven individual….trying to bring open source/free software technology into the hands of everyone… I am 6’ 1” (roughly 182cm), 170lbs … I love combining engineering and art… I am a programmer, and an artist… I love those special moments in life that seem to stretch infinitely within a single second… cherish them when they come…. I am human… making mistakes….

musically, I’ve been producing for about 15 years, and recently founded UNIT-E, along with Sharp to create an interesting social experiment in artistic descipleship…the aim is to provide a forum to create professional artists.
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Wed, Mar 16, 2005
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