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Reviews for "The More and More to tell You"

The More and More to tell You
by texasradiofish
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Fri, May 20, 2022 @ 2:04 AM
permalink   Fri, May 20, 2022 @ 5:30 AM
Fantastic. Trippin’ some sixties associations. A lost Donovan perhaps.
permalink   Sun, May 22, 2022 @ 2:18 AM
Top Of The Pops, BBC TV circa 1967
permalink   Wed, May 25, 2022 @ 9:00 AM
It feels the 60’s mista texas.
I’m under the charm.
When i’ve heard it, it was like living
inside the scenario of the doors’s film, or las vegas parano, maybe
austin power.
Riding with a very huge car, and
listening to the engine.
it’s the first time i hear my voice in
a old rock, and i have to say that’s
pretty funny, and keep me in dynamism
(sorry for my bad english)

you do all the arrangement on the
voice track and that’s an exploit !

You’re a true musician and composer,
I will send other voices track, to
hear a result, who give me forces.
We need all that so !
permalink   Calyman Wed, May 25, 2022 @ 9:02 AM
sorry for ansewering so late.
permalink   Fri, Nov 10, 2023 @ 8:58 PM
This is to inform you your track is featured among others from on my internet music station on the pop/rock/other channel. Trackback notifications work not that good these days and so i inform you in this way. This review might seem generative when you read it at other tracks, but please understand i now already have about 500 tracks i’ve got to review to inform the people. Keep up the good work and i hope you enjoy my radio station. Greetz Frank.